About MW

"I have two passions: web design and commercial aviation. I am an air traffic controller. The rest of my time is devoted to building websites."


Bio:  I grew up in the small but well known town of Mystic, Connecticut. My interest in commercial aviation came about from taking family vacations as a child and flying somewhere every summer. I've always enjoyed watching planes take off and land at an airport. As for web design, I can probably thank my father and his creating a GeoCities website in the 1990s. I find a great deal of happiness and satisfaction turning a vision into lines of code in an application and then into a functioning website on the Internet for the world to browse.

Following high school, I attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida and graduated with a B.S. in Air Traffic Management with minors in Applied Meteorology and Information Technology with concentration in Web Design. It was this time in college where I really got a grasp of design techniques and expanded my knowledge of web development (CSS, PHP, mySQL).

I started MWong Studios in 2009 and have developed websites for friends, small businesses and organizations. To date, all new clients have been through referrals. I currently live in Buffalo, New York (and take frequent trips back home to CT) and work for the Federal Aviation Administration as an air traffic controller. The rest of my time is devoted to building websites and further educating myself in the world of web development.

web design arrow  Options

Web Design: If you've never had a website before, I will help you get started and become knowledgeable in what it takes to build and maintain a website. We will discuss domain names and web hosting and follow the design process listed over to the right. It is very beneficial having a presence on the web as for many, it is the one quickest way for someone to find you.

Site Redesign: Whether you have a site that is out of date or just in need of a new look, a redesign is the perfect option. I can work with an existing design, cleaning it up and making adjustments or I can create a new one from the ground up. I will be sure to let you know my complete recommendations before starting any project.

Mobile Web: You have the option of designing a standalone mobile site or complimenting an existing website with one that is friendly to smartphone, iPad and tablet users. Some things to keep in mind include having a simple navigation, a simple layout, few images (to conserve bandwidth and optimize load times) and refraining from using flash or animations.

Content Management: Without knowledge of HTML or FTP, updating a site can be a difficult task. Content Management Systems (CMS) overcome this obstacle by allowing users to log in and make changes to content through simple prompts and text boxes, and without fear of inadvertently changing the layout. Additionally, this puts you in control to make updates whenever you want and not needing to rely on a third party. Training is provided upon completion of the website.

For developers: I use and highly recommend Perch. If you've used WordPress, this is even easier!

Search Engine Optimization: All web design projects come with basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By using organic techniques, this will help search engines locate your website and rank you for the appropriate terms. If you own a pizza business in Mystic, then hopefully a search for "pizza mystic ct" will result in your website being listed on the first or second page.

web design arrow  The Design Process


We will hold a brainstorming session to review logos, color preferences, design ideas and other basic design concepts. We will determine the goals and requirements of your website.


I will produce one draft layout based on our discussion and your input. You will be sent a copy of the draft for review and approval. If there are changes to be made, I will produce a final draft layout for your approval.


With your finalized content and approved draft layout, I will code your website using appropriate languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.), incorporating the content you send me into the pages as outlined. This is typically the longest step in the process.

OPTIONS: At this time, I will develop any additional options you have selected such as a blog or content management system.


I will post the website online in a draft folder for you to review. Once you feel it is complete to your satisfaction, I will make the site live for the world to see. Any required training will be completed at this point.